David... (naruto_kenshin) wrote,

The month of May

What would a man do if he was pushed to his absolute limits?
What kind of demons would spew from his mouth at his lowest point...
I wonder this and it reminds me of a quote I heard a long time ago, not worth mentioning... its about anger and how people manage to live with its sudden attacks.

I dunno, sometimes I just think people should disappear, for one reason or another, people are evil at heart, so why dont they just go away

bleh I dunno what Im talking about, nothing really in particular... I havent read Red[that f-ing rhymes] in a long ass time, I think I might've actually lost it, like so many other things...bleh.

I usually end up finding crap though, which is good ^___^


I'm at Omar's , he is spinning the tracks to my right, heh party going down tonight, sucks that I have work tomorrow but I will tough it out and go anyway.

Don't work until 9:30, so I shouldn't be that tired from the madness. Indeed it shall be fun just like anyother night. full of laughs and such... and Mar MAr will be spinning so good music will be on for sure... heh, he seems to be having a lil trouble at the moment though.


I'm just bored is all, typing... readin some parts from a good book I read long ago... Memories of those times flood back to me... when it was just me and Jen, or me and Priscilla.

It seems like so long ago and yet feels so close to my heart, feels so near.
I watched some episodes of Dragon Ball GT at Jens house, it was great we were there all day alone in her room, talking, laughing, f*cking...everything anyone would want and can't have. Two frineds, comforting eachother, two friends protecting eachother from the crap that is this world. Heh

Don't I sound so optimistic

Truth is, it was great, like old times. Looking back now I wonder how many times I've thought about being more than friends with her but yet I can't do it. We won't let eachother. So much to lose. My baby_girl [lol]

We won't let eachother be so foolish asto destroy something seemingly perfect. I know we both die a little everytime either one of us leaves for days, weeks, months... we won't let eachother...

bleh...hehe I was supposed to find some weed for a co-worker of mine, April, but it seems I did not come through. Should've tried harder I suppose but oh well...shit happens.

all for now kids


well that WAS going to be the end of my entry, but I cant connect to post this shite so I'll just keep going.

What would it be like to be immortal, I mean sure you'd gain all the knowledge in the world, maybe even see "God" for what he truly is...
Maybe taste bueatys not even seen on any television or fashion show... would living forever mean you lived each day to its fullest, or would begin to drag on like anyother constant plague.
After existing for so long, would everything you see just be a mesh of everything else?

As in: would this bed end, and the carpet begins, or would it just be united?...would everything fuse together to create the ultimate view of the world? "We are all connected."

Shiny disco Balls! HEH!! the last time I went to LS it sucked balls! noone was dancing for GodsSakes, and the music was so fucking awesome it was just wrong...

grrr... Sfinge was playing good music but then they had to ruin it of course...BAH!
Speaking of fuck [lol] damn Jen is turning into a freak, heh. indeed.

bleh I should just put this shite as my first mySpace entry, or whatever the fuck it is there... I just need a change of scenery from this livejournal, I've had this shite forever, lots and lots of crap on here, bleh

I need to stop writing.

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