David... (naruto_kenshin) wrote,

How wrong...

Apparently one of people that "knows me the best" thinks I want:

Mrs. Bubbly
Miss Chatterbox
Miss Blondie
Ms. Oblivious
Mrs. Dramatic....

the list goes on I suppose because you all know the type.

how funny that she said that.
How untrue that is and how close she is to being the type that I would strive to get to know the kind to spend alll my time with.

So Close...

I want my red head ^___^ hehe

Nah, I want someone who doesn't criticise me, who doesn't judge me... a freak in the sac ^___^
And she could be Mrs. Rocker MRs. Preppy Mrs. Reserve

etc....doesn't matter, I just want someone to connect with, its what everone wants....
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