David... (naruto_kenshin) wrote,

Sharks among sheep.

School School school.... Buger blasters


I'm bored, work early tomorrow.
New Assistant Manager at work, wonder whats gonna happen.

Sin City comes out on DVD tomorrow, after work I will cash check and tip-toe toward Wal-Mart and buy that shit.... Hopefully those dif covers are there, wonder which I will get.

Jen came out of nowhere today, I wasnt even dressed. Slept most of the day though talked about how she thinks life is hell [all too familiar conversation], how she can't find MR. Right and how I would be if I let myself [heh], and how he brother is and asshole, and how she hates living there...etc.....

Still waiting for something amazing, something breathtaking, aweinspiring.

Something Random, something stupid.

Have meeting for Fin Aid on the 18th, need money so badly Imma take it, til I start applying for scholarships and such, should turn out alright.


Measly thrills, unstopable lust... Might go see her tomorrow.
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