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That was the most excruciating bike ride I’– fucking – ve ever had. [heh] But, to say the least, it was necessary, for many reasons mind you…
I’ve decided who I want to be, what I want to be and how I plan to get to that destination.

It started with Paul van Dyk’s “For an Angel,” after work; I had decided earlier to go for a bike ride, so I got up and got out the door, promising myself that I will do important things later [FAFSA, Eassays and such…]. So as the piano started I was on the bike and off down Cameldale, toward a world of thinking.
The First run… Was nothing but music, just starting the session, concentrating on nothing but cycling my legs. “For An Angel,” had finished and I’m pretty sure if was “Ticks & Leeches,” had started. I was thinking about what I thought that song meant, and when I figured it out [got high before school a wee long time ago].
Just moseying along….

I swear time went by fast… my pores were exploding with sweat [exaggeration, but it sounds cool ^___^], and I had finished One full lap around my neighborhood [which is a bitch of a hill] along with 6 half neighborhoods [which looks like a backwards D].
The wind was blowing against my body when I rounded the first corner again, I decided “Four more half hoods, and I will stop.”
During those first of four, time was an enemy. Everything slowed down and I was eager to finish what I had promised I’d do.

So I did them and in the last half of the half… I decided what I will do. I know why I’m doing it also. I have seen enough, first with Jen and Stacie, and now even Nicole. And that long “relationship” I had in the past has showed me what the world is now. I was not single for too long. Damn whores [well…2 of them at least lol]

So I rode, I know what I have to do now, to find better ones, instead of the girls. I will spare you the details…
To My Immediate Friends! [especially those that might say something]: The whole Nicole/David thing. I know that I will not talk to either one of them from now on. I will be polite and say hi to them when I see them, but that is as far as it will go. I won’t even look at them for more than half a second, say, on a summer nights visit to Cuernos. And although you might be sprouting disgust on my decision, I would thank you if you were to keep those opinions to yourselves. So if a said party were to ask you “Is he pissed…?” whatever it may be, do not answer them with your opinions, tell them to ask me.
I’m glad this happened once in my life, to see people as they truly are. Rather un-interesting if it doesn’t happen at least once in a lifetime, lol. But the reason mind you, is that I don’t need them. They will play no significant role in my life, so why bother trying to mend a fake friendship? Plus those type of people, well, I don’t want them in my life, so there. Yes yes I know, some of you might not understand but please, respect my decision. Neither Nicole nor David know about my journal, so yeah… you guys do… And I’m not saying that I’ll get pissed if you talk to them, GO AHEAD!! But just don’t mention me, unless it’s a funny story of course ^___^
The next couple of months should be interesting…
So please, not a word.

So as I finished the last half lap I told myself to do another five full laps, to finalize what I had endured, thinking and cycling, exhausted. So there I went, thinking further… Well I’m tired of typing but the gist of the last five was that…
>I must inform myself on the career path I will have chosen.
>Something about a community outreach program that will boost a future resume.

All for now, need to finish essay.
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