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I'm going to start writing in this thing again. I'm so tired of myspace, its like become utterly self promotion. Although I'll probably end up going back anyhow, seeing as how all my friends are on their and such. But as far as entries or thought asto my life and all that useless senseless shizzah... it'll be and stay here.

Tool's new album is aboot 19 days away from coming out, I hope I can get it the first day it comes out. I thought they were over and done for but then I heard of this new venture, I hear it's gonna rock like.

I wish I could afford to go to their show that is coming here to Sin City, but unfortunately Coachella will have to do. HEHEHE 10 More days until that glorious day.

I can't wait to see all those bands...and people and DRUGS OMG...I bet they will flow like wine. [I was trying tot hink of something witty and clever to put there but oh well.

tomorrow is 4/20, the day which will put and end to my month or so long hiatis from smoking out.

Should be a a good day, eventhough I work -____-

all for now.... Imma do it tomorrow for sure...

I hope
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